Hello there.

We are a Digital Agency making the Internet more user friendly one pixel at the time, and have been doing so for over 4 years.

We specialize in front-end, the communicative layer between the technology and humans. This means that we work with communication strategy, user experience, interface design and development within the digital space. Outcomes from this is mostly websites and apps.

Malmö, Sweden

Regionteatern i Blekinge/Kronoberg

Web design / User experience / Web development

As an outcome of Blekinge/Kronoberg regional theater’s new effort to reach their younger audience, we created a new digital platform called Regionteatern Unga. The website is a new and innovative way of working with engagement in their field.

Before the initiative, the theater had limited, if at all existing, communication with the target group. The regular website was mainly targeted towards other types of visitors. When designing the new site, we did it specifically for their productions in schools. The goal was so invoke a encouraging and playful environment that could extend the experience of the audience. We had of course also keep our selfs inside the graphical identity of the theater, making somewhat resemblance the the old site.

The result was an atmospheric website filled with interactive games and the ability to establish a continuous communication with the audience long after the specific show.


Communication strategy / Web design / User experience / Web development

Following up on our previous work a couple of years ago, we redesigned the website of Daypay, a short term loan creditor. Together with our friends at Softwerk, we already had developed a market leading automatic lending system where you fill in your application online and get a decision directly on the screen. Over time, they matured as a company and was in need of a retake of their communication as a whole.

Working with various communication analysis methods, we wrote a strategy document and from this also landed on guiding design decisions to hit the correct target group. This, together with user experience analysis, resulted in a new website.

By having control of the whole communication chain, from strategy to design and development, we can assure a compact and efficient message to the visitor.


Visitor behaviour analysis / Web design / User experience / Web development /

We have been working with Erikshjälpen, one of Swedens largest charity organisations, for a couple of years as their web development resource. Following a visitor behavior and user experience analysis, we redesigned the website to a modern standard and reorganized the user flow to steam line it towards various goals on the site.

Växjö Konsthall

User experience / App design / Front-end development

Växjö Municipality (Växjö kommun) wanted to make it easier to find all the public art throughout the city and contacted our friends at Softwerk for help. In collaboration with them, we created an app where citizens could walk around and experience the art they in many cases otherwise would have missed.

Our client was so pleased with the design that they stated it to be the guideline for their future apps, which of course makes us very proud.